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Haiti Tools and Resources - Construction Resources

Tools and Resources for construction work in Haiti.

The English and Creole Versions of the adapted construction manual are available by clicking on the links below. The original book, Construction and Maintenance of Masonry Houses for Masons and Craftsmen. is available in English and Spanish and draft versions in French and Creole on the Rebuild Haiti Toolkit CD-ROM below.

Paper copies of these books may be ordered here.

The Rebuild Haiti Toolkit CD-ROM includes several dozen books in English, Creole, French, and Spanish inluding copyright release so you can copy and distribute as needed...


  • A Parallel Dictionary of Construction Terms in English, Creole, French & Spanish
  • Guidelines for Earthquake Resistant Construction of Non-Engineered Rural and Suburban Masonry Houses in C/S mortar in Earthquake Affected Areas - English
  • Haitian Buildings for Aid Buildings- English
  • Observations on Ongoing Efforts to Address the Haitian Housing Crisis - English and French
  • Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment - English, Creole and Spanish
  • Safer Homes, Stronger Communities - A Handbook for Reconstructing after Natural Disasters
  • Manual for Restoration and Retrofitting of Rural Structures in Kashmir - developed in Kashmir, translated into English
  • Rebuilding101 - English, Creole, French and Spanish
  • Construction and Maintenance of Masonry Houses for Masons and Craftsmen, developed in Peru, now translated into English, Creole and French
  • Basic Construction Rules to Build Stronger Stone Houses
  • Seismic Design Guide for Confined Masonry Buildings




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